Can hypnosis help me lose weight?    The answer is YES!

Hypnosis is a tool that will help you focus on losing weight without all the cravings. Hypnosis will help you to lose weight by helping you change your eating and exercise habits. We will also use hypnosis to work on your self image by harnessing the power of your imagination.

Close your eyes and imagine all your food cravings just disappearing, and a day of healthy eating.  The great news is hypnosis CAN help with that.

Weight loss hypnosis is typically done in 3 separate sessions spaced approximately 2 weeks apart.  

Donna- I have loved having you help me on my weight loss journey.  The hypnosis helped make the life change so much easier, I am finally losing the unwanted weight AND walking daily, which is something I previously did not do.  The hypnosis along with your help have given me to tools I need to conquer eating when I am bored or frustrated. Thanks T.N

I want to thank you for helping me feel so comfortable in our sessions; you made it easy for me to trust you.  I cannot believe how much my eating habits have changed.  PJ

Since I did weight loss hypnosis with Donna, I have really started to notice how much more healthy I am eating, and not only that but I am actually exercising regularly!  Donna helped me see what my eating triggers were which makes it easier to stay on a healthy track. I am on my way to a new healthy me!  I have already recommended Donna to some of my friends.  W.K.

Below is a link to a great article about weight loss and hypnosis that was in The Oprah Magazine, August 2004. 

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